Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a rising river...

I felt the need to share pictures of the Mississippi River as it begins to rise to record levels in the next couple of weeks. At first the prediction was 60' which would have beat the current flood record, then just yesterday they increased the crest to 65', now today they have lowered the crest prediction to 64'. I took these pictures yesterday 5-3-11 and the river was at 51.6' I am uploading the pictures in Large size so that you get the best view of all of them!
This is the boat ramp Under-the-Hill. Of course, normally you would be able to read the whole "Welcome to Natchez"...

This is a shot taken at Roth Hill looking toward the bridge.

This is a shot from Broadway Street just above Under-the-Hill. Looking at the trees you can see just how high the water has gotten!
This picture was also taken Under-The-Hill and is just another shot of the river. This one will give you an idea of how high the water is on the Vidalia side (levee side) of the river, since I was unable to get shots from that side. Needless to say it is PRETTY high on their side already!!
For anyone who has been Under-the-Hill and eaten at Magnolia Grill (which is closing tomorrow for flood prep and will reopen Friday and stay open until conditions worsen). This mark on the road "62'" is right in front of Magnolia Grill, so that gives you an idea of what it will/could be like when it rises.
This picture I just took so that y'all could have a little history lesson on Natchez Under-the-Hill ;)
Now this is good ole Isle of Capri Casino on the River. Normally when you walk to get on the boat, you have to go down a very steep hill (most of the time they taxi people down to the ramp to get on), that gives you an idea of how high the water has already gotten! As of this Sunday, May 8, 2011, the Isle of Capri will be closed. If the boat is closed for a month, Natchez will lose $80,000 in gaming revenue...
 This is a look at some prep work (sand bagging the water) right before you get to the entrance to the boat.
This next photo marks the 65' mark and it just barely misses the legendary Under-the-Hill Saloon. It will be left to say if the water actually gets near it. But safe to guess that people could probably sit on the porch and stick their feet in the water...IF they are brave! :)
These next shots I took from way up on a hill in the Grand Soleil hotel parking lot. I have to admit even though the pictures are far away they still give a good view of the river!

Well that is all I have right now. When it rises more substantially I will try to go back to Grand Soleil and get more comparison shots! A little bit of information on what's going on right now is that Vidalia is NOT under a mandatory evacuation but they are asking residents to be aware and if they feel necessary they can move stuff out. All rental houses and what not are full in Natchez I believe. I know of one business, Vidalia Dock & Storage, that sits on the levee side that has been in business since the 50's had to move all their stuff out and close the doors in preparation for the water rising. And I have seen numerous vehicles with trailers full of clear storage boxes full of their belongings. It is very sad to see and I know is more heartbreaking for the residents (most of whom do not have Flood Insurance). So all we can do now is hope and pray the crest predictions come down some more and that the levee HOLDS!!!!!!!


  1. Nice pictures. I am one without flood insurance. Prayers needed! Informative post.

  2. Cristi, definitely praying for you guys!! Stay strong!

  3. Yeah, I am one without ins. too. So, if it does flood Vidalia I will be losing everything, except the things I have already packed, things that would be irreplaceable. I would like to say thank you for this blog, it has been very informative. Thanks for taking the time to do all of this!

  4. BeverleyTimmonsWilsonMay 9, 2011 at 7:14 AM

    Good job Steph... Heard about your blog from our cousin my first your second(?) Barbara Sue Pierce Finley from Batesville....I think they better hurry up and open the Morganza Spillway. They should be opening the Bonne Carre today. That will help a bit... Give all that water another outlet.