Monday, May 9, 2011


I am: dorky
I think: happy thoughts
I know: how to knit a bib
I want: to be a mother
I have: curly hair
I dislike: mushrooms & olives!...ewwww...
I miss: my grandparents
I fear: dying during child birth
I feel: cozy
I hear: cats chasing the dog
I smell: like herbal essence
I crave: chocolate chip cookie dough
I cry: when I get upset
I search: for my jump drive...I lose it like fact it is currently lost...
I wonder: what my future kids will be like
I regret: saying rude things
I wish: we had cable television
I love: my husband
I care: about my grades
I always: want to improve
I worry: about my family
I am not: dumb
I remember: the day I got engaged
I believe: in the biblical marriage
I sing: in my car...loudly
I don’t: like mornings...I'm really trying to improve's hard!
I argue: with telephone customer service...they're idiots!
I write: neatly
I win: at Spades
I lose: my patience
I listen: to God
I don’t understand: why people do drugs
I can usually be found: at work or home
I need: attention...ha ha ;)
I forget: my point when I'm trying to make one
I am happy: with my life

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