Sunday, May 8, 2011

update 55.0' and rising!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the river at Natchez has now reached 55.0'!! I'm anxious to get out and get pictures for you guys, as I know you all want to see them! Just be patient :)  The hubby and I will be getting out and looking around after lunch tomorrow. So please stop back by tomorrow afternoon. I will post pictures as SOON as we get back. I'm sure that there is more than 6.0' of water covering Silver Street at this point tonight, so we will be getting pictures of that tomorrow!!
Here is a picture of flooded Silver Street found

Until tomorrow...Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! May you have a blessed and happy day!!

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  1. Thanks for your updates. We moved from Vidalia to Florida 18 months ago. Someone linked to your blog and now I check it everyday for your pictures. Much more informative than the Democrat pics. :-)