Sunday, May 15, 2011

Guest Blogger

Hey. I'm Bach.
I wanted to tell you a little bit about my life with my mommy and my now daddy (of 5 months) and of course with my brother. This is him..
Hi. I'm Jacque.
See we use to live with mommy and my brother and our other two brothers at mom's parents house
 Hello! My name's Sam and this guy next to me is Rosco (don't mind him if he doesn't say Hi, he is very shy..)

But five months ago everything changed, mom married this man (she calls him Brandon and says he is our new daddy now).
We like Brandon for the most part
He doesn't let us get away with as much stuff as our mommy does.
Mommy use to stay at home with us during the day but now she leaves us every day to go to this place she calls work. We don't like work. We miss mom terribly when she is gone and can't wait for her to return home. But we manage to find some things to do while she is away, 
Things like this,

AND This,

And a LOT of this.

We LOVE to help mom when she makes the bed. It is the most fun to run around in the sheets
 My brother Jacque gave up on lookin for me

SO, mom decided she would find me!
and she did!!!
 Well I have to go now. My mommy is going to bed and me and Bach...wait mom would kill me if she knew I didn't use proper grammar, Bach and I love to lay with mom at bedtime. 

Meowly yours,

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