Friday, May 6, 2011

flood update

This post will mostly be updates and not pictures (unless I get some in today).

As of Thursday May 5, 2011:
~Adams County (Natchez) has been declared a federal disaster area in anticipation of major flooding. Other MS counties included are; Holivar, Claiborne, Coahoma, Desoto, Issaquena, Jefferson, Tunica, Warren, Washington, and Wilkinson.
~Promise Hospital (on Vidalia Riverfront) is temporarily moving its patients to other Promise Hospital locations in Vicksburg and Baton Rouge. All patients should be relocated by this evening.
~One mile of both lanes of Louisiana 15, two miles south of Louisiana 131 are closed to all vehicular traffic.
~Magnolia Grill will reopen today at 11 a.m. for normal business hours. It will remain open seven days a week until forced to close by high water or unsafe conditions.

Yesterday Governor Bobby Jindal (LA) said, to combat the river levels, U.S. army Corps of Engineers requested and was given permission to open the Bonnet Carre Spillway (which is 12 miles from New Orleans). Officials will begin this process at 8 a.m. Monday, May 11.
He also said that officials are looking to open the Morganza Spillway near Baton Rouge, that decision will not be made until later next week.
Jindal has also sent a request for federal disaster declaration (for Vidalia) to President Obama, that has yet to be signed, this would help out anyone who suffers loss from the historic flood.
Residents in the affected areas are being asked to pay attention to your local leaders and media, not fellow residents, because a lot of rumors are being spread around and they are false.
Jindal also said Thursday, the National Guard was mobilized, and 18-20 troops will be stationed in Concordia Parish to help with the ongoing work.

This is all I have as of this moment. I will update this post later with any new information and pictures!

This is a picture of the instant levee wall located in front of the Riverpark Medical Center.

As of noon today, the river is sitting at 53.5' and is expected to reach 53.8'. Water has still not reached the Vidalia Riverfront but it is knocking on the door. Water is seeping through sandbags at the lowest point on Silver Street (in Natchez, Under-the-Hill). Pumps are being used to pump the water back into the river in hopes of keeping the street clear

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