Sunday, May 8, 2011

Calling all blog stalkers!

According to my profile, my blog has been viewed 2,028 times. That means that you, yes you, like to read my blog. Maybe you find shame in being a blog-stalker, but I am here today not to embarrass you but to commend you. Why? Because blog-stalkers rock. I happen to be one myself. How does this blog-stalking addiction conspire? Well, let me tell you how it happens for me:

I click on a friend's blog.
Then from her blog, I click on her sister's blog.
Then from that blog, I click on her old roommate's blog.
Then from there, I find a cute craft blog.
Then that links to a cool recipe blog.
That links back to some random-person-I've-never-met-but-secretly-want-to-be kind of blog.

*Blog-stalking is not a matter of creepiness; it's about curiosity.

I honestly am very happy just being me. But do you know what would make me even happier? Being famous. After all, that would be pretty neat: become a famous blogger. You can help me achieve this goal by:
  1. Following my blog. In the top left-hand corner, just click "Follow."
  2. Leave comments on my blog. I don't think I've been modest about the fact that I need words of affirmation.
  3. Give me feedback on how to improve my blog...tell me what you to hear! What do you want to read about? Do you want to see more satire/sarcasm/sass/silliness posts like my discovery about onions or my random rant about one-piece swimsuits? Or, should I write more about how I am Mrs. Echols and share random adventures of becoming a housewife? Or, should I try something new? Maybe you want to hear our love story? Maybe you want something less mushy--perhaps a few stories on why I love cats? Or I could tell you about my most embarrassing moment or my greatest fear? Want to hear all of the above?
  Well blog-stalkers, I hope you will take a brief moment to introduce yourselves. How did you find me? Did you click on my blog from somebody else's blog? Did you link to my blog from my facebook? Were we in the same ward? Does my husband know your husband? Did we go to school together? Do you not even remember how you found my blog, but you find yourself coming back to it time and time again because you oughta see what's new with Brandon and Stephanie Echols?

Remember, don't be ashamed of your blog-stalking addiction.
I'm probably blog-stalking you, too.


  1. You're too cute, Stephanie! :) We met in high school. I went to ACCS, and you had taken a trip to Branson with our FCS group. I found your blog from your links on facebook.

    And by the way, I LOVE the face lift you gave your blog!


  2. Thanks Lauran! You are so sweet! I do remember that trip to fact, there might be pictures around here somewhere...