Sunday, May 8, 2011

the mightiest river ever

Sad news today, we were not able to get to the area of Silver Street that is under water. BUT, I did manage to get some shots of the street and the river. Currently as of 3 p.m. today the MS river at Natchez sits at 55.65'. This means we are a little less than 2.5' from the record high in 1937 and less than 1.5 of the record high in 2008. Crews are still working on building instant levees on both sides of the river as we speak.

Here are some pictures for today:
This is work being done in front of the Vidalia Convention Center. Note how close the water is getting already.
This is a picture taken yesterday of the flooding already on the lowest spot on Silver Street. Today they have most of it blocked off by instant levee, to where you can hardly get to it unless you're part of a crew.

These next few pictures were taken this morning on Silver Street, showing the flooded area. You can see the top of the sandbag wall they built to hold the water back while the Casino was still in operation. The awning is to the Casino.

Another picture taken yesterday of Silver Street flooding.
These next four pictures are of the boot ramp area Under the Hill. Starting with this one of the ramp they move progressively toward the right. Notice this is the ramp where it said "Welcome to Natchez" which you can no longer read.
Working on extending the instant levee wall.
 Yes. Magnolia Grill and Under the Hill Saloon are STILL open for business!!
These guys in the next two pictures are just plain silly!! They are out in their boats taking pictures. Those currents are moving pretty swift!! Hope their motors can keep up!!
 Here is a look upstream!

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