Sunday, May 15, 2011

God told Noah.

God told Noah there's going to be a floodie, floodie. God told Noah there's going to be a floodie, floodie. Get. those. animals. out of the muddie, muddie! Children of the Lord.
Vidalia riverfront gazebo. photo by: Eric Grantham
Vidalia riverfront, formerly the mat field. photo by: Eric Grantham

Saturday, May 15, 2011. The question is: {W}here do {w}e begin?
The MS River at Natchez = 60.69'
By 8:00 a.m. this morning [60.62']
the river was 2/10 of a foot lower than the
 prediction of [2.2"]
photo by: eric grantham

this picture on the right is the inside of the hesco wall surrounding the Vidalia convention center. there is only minimal seepage as of may 14 a.m. this is pretty good considering there is 6+ feet of water on the other side of that wall.

     Are you ready for
                             some good news?
                                                 >insert intrigued enthusiasm here<
Our crest has been lowered!!!
            we will now crest at 63.0' on May 21.
To alleviate the levees further south and including New Orleans. The Morganza Spillway was opened on May14 [this allows the MS river to divert into the atchafalaya basin]. Click here to see it happen.  The opening of the spillway sent enough water to fill a football field 10' deep every second, across the heart of cajun country. Once the spillway was opened an estimated 15,000 acres of farmland were under water in south-central Louisiana.
photo by: Fayla Guedon

this photo is Promise Hospital on the Vidalia riverfront on May 13. 

U.S Coast Guard
almost completely under water
you can barely see the fence surrounding it. 

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