Thursday, May 5, 2011

more flood pictures

These are some pictures Brandon's boss took on the Vidalia levee just down from the Comfort Inn & Suites I showed in my last post.
This picture is a view from the back side of the sand/gravel area I showed in my last post (from the Natchez side)

 This is along the levee at some point.Yikes!
 View looking toward sand/gravel area down the levee.
 Ms. Gisele this is at the RV Park!! They already have some minor flooding...
 Looking even further down the levee toward Comfort Suites and sand/gravel area.

This is the main building at the RV Park. They have already started prepping the building with sand bags
 Down the levee at some point.
 Another shot of the main building at the RV Park, building prep work underway.
 Another picture of what will be showing up as the water gets higher...Gators!
This is a picture a friend took from the Vidalia riverwalk (which is very near the river when it is not flooded). Very scary stuff!!
This picture was taken (not by me) from the MS River Bridge. It is showing you the view of the water in front of the Comfort Inn & Suites. As you can see, at 53', it is getting dangerously close
This picture (also taken from the bridge, not by me) is showing you the right end of the Vidalia Convention Center & to the right and set back a little is Riverpark Medical Center. It gives you a little closer look at how high the water has gotten.
This area of the Vidalia Riverwalk is, I believe, between Promise Hospital & Riverview RV Park (which means it is to the left of the bridge, if you're looking at Vidalia). As you can see it has almost swallowed some trees...
A little explanation behind the next three pictures. These are taken Under the Hill. The area is just past the last turn before you arrive at the boat. So in this picture, to your right (but not shown) would be the boat. They are building a wall using the instant levee stuff that they are using across the river in Vidalia. They are doing this in hopes of preserving the buildings up until this point, which would be, Under the Hill Saloon, Magnolia Grill, and several other businesses.


  1. Those gators were in Vidalia!?! Yikes! SCARY!

  2. Most of this is familiar to me. Our Daughter Beth McGee, lived in Natchez for many years. We would drive over to Vidalia, and we stayed in Inn overlooking the Mississippi River, when our granddaughter got married. Our son, Greg Kelley, Pastored in Natchez for a number of years. So, we have an interest in that area. So sad to see the evening news here in SC, and see the flooding there. Our family members knows first hand what it means to lose everything in a flood, and in hurricane Katrina. Thanks! For the posting of the pictures! Bobbie Kelley