Friday, April 29, 2011

easter birthday celebration

This past Sunday was of course Easter but it was also a very special day on another note. Brandon's grandmother turned 85 on Easter Sunday and we had a great time going and visiting with the family and celebrating her birthday!!
Mama Hyde is such a great woman and I adore her like she were my own grandmother. She truly is blessed to have such great health and spunk for 85!! :) Here are few pictures of the fabulous weekend we shared with the whole family!! Enjoy!
Left to right back row: Allison, Bryan, Gisele, Billy, Hudson (Bryan & Allison's son, isn't he the cutest!?), Brandon, and me.
Front row: Mama Hyde and Pawpaw Hyde

This photo cracks me up!! I do not know why Bryan has such a terrified look on his face but it so makes this picture!!

I believe Hudson gets the award for Best Dressed!! He is just too adorable in his suit and white shoes!!!
 Of course what would a family gathering be if there wasn't time for SWIMMING!!!
Aiden and Ben are the cutest twin boys ever!! They look so cute in their matching outfits. Just not to sure about that water yet!

More pool FUN!!

If this isn't the sweetest picture of baby love, I don't know what is. Baby Allison is hugging 7 week old Baby Reese!! Just precious!! Allison is such a loving baby!! :)
 Aunt Melba got to love on and feed Baby Reese! What a precious moment!

Baby Allison of course was a cutie pie at Easter too!! She was saying her "goodbyes" in this photo.
And so ends our Easter weekend with the family in Alabama! What a great weekend we had and best of all we got to spend it with such wonderful family!! Love them all!!!

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