Friday, April 1, 2011

sunny san francisco

What a FANTASTIC time we had in San Francisco! I don't think there were enough hours in the day and days in the week for us to see everything, but we sure did try!!

The picture above was taken on our guided bus tour. It may look familiar...The Painted Ladies from Full House!! It was really awesome to see these in person than on the intro to the show! The ornate details are pretty spectacular!

This is a great shot of how the hilly the streets are in San Fran. It just keeps going up between the tall and short buildings! You would think driving on these hills all the time would wear and tear on your car...When you are riding down the hills it can seem a little overwhelming to be looking straight down! Hope you have good brakes!! :)

The silly sea lions! They are SO cute you just want to go give them a big hug!! They were being very rambunctious the day we saw them. I don't speak fluent sea lion but I'm sure they were trying to tell the other one to get out of their spot! :) It was a little chilly this day, I'm not sure if that is why there weren't many on the platforms..

Forbe's Island...what a scrumptious restaurant!! The food is amazing, so amazing that I ate it so fast I didn't even have time for a picture! ;) But take my word for it, it is wonderfully delicious!! The atmosphere is like you are below deck in a yacht, you can feel it swaying ever so slightly while your sitting there eating!! Pretty neat I'd say!!

Please excuse the Microsoft banner at the bottom of my picture, they think they are entitled to put their name on anything and everything! :) So in the top right corner is the final outcome of this whirlwind of a picture. Sometimes when we are on vacation I wish I had a personal photographer to get pictures of us. Needless to say, after several attempts a nice couple felt sorry for us and offered to take our picture together with Alcatraz in the background. Kudos to them because it was a great picture!!

Beach Street Grill! They had the best homemade breakfast ever! Totally loved the food, atmosphere, and the service!! I had pancakes, hashbrowns, and bacon, AND fruit parfait! Yummmmmm

You will notice one thing about these two pictures...the benefits of being short!! See, in my picture you get the nice seamless shot of the Golden Gate Bridge behind me, in Brandon's picture, well, his head cut off the bridge. :) hehe. I'm not going to upload the picture of us together with the bridge behind us but I will tell you that he had to bend his knees so we could get the bridge behind us! ;)

San Francisco's crookedest street...Lombard Street! We got to see it and drive down it! It's a little weird going so slow to turn through a street. For all the hype about a tourist "must see", you feel like you need to go fast or something. Nope, people just leisurely meander down the street till...the end and that's that! Although it's not necessarily "fun" it is a good thing to say you have done! I've road down the crookedest street in San Fran!! :)

Filbert Street ~ one of the two steepest navigable streets in the Western Hemisphere, at a maximum gradient of 31.5% (approximately 17°). Can you say "don't look down". The pictures do not do this street justice. I'll say that when we watched cars go down this street, they would fly up to the drop down point and then slowly creep down the hill! We even saw a UPS truck go down without flipping over! ;) I'm sure this hill can wear on one's brakes really well and is probably one of the reasons that cars have to park this way on the street.

Of course we HAD to take the street car!! The one we rode was the Powell-Hyde line, we started on one end and rode it all the way to the other end! It was tons of fun and I wished I could have rode it all day long. Now, don't get me wrong, it can be a little scary when the cable car driver is using the brake and you think, "we're not going to stop, there is no way we are going to stop, why is that car flying across in front of us," all of these thoughts ran through my head at one point; but I am here to tell you that I'm still alive so we DID stop in time! ;)

"What goes up, must come down!" :)

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