Wednesday, March 30, 2011

things every short person needs...

A good pair of high-heeled shoes!!!
I am willing to admit I have never been a HUGE shoe shopper; which is really ironic because if you saw my mother's shoe collection you might find it hard to believe that I, her only daughter, did not get the "shoe addiction" gene!!
After I got the call Monday about getting the job, I was determined to find some really cute new shoes for work! I mean, come on...New Job = New Shoes...right?! ;)
I went to Belk and looked around at all the new spring shoes they had and low and behold they had some that I loved!! This particular pair came in two colors, a burnt orangey color (they call "red") and white! Perfect I thought, I'll take one of each! ;) No, it couldn't be that easy, they had the orange in my size but the white, yes the color that would go with almost anything, they did not have in my size! Go Figure huh! That is just my luck I always have a hard time finding shoes in stores in my size because I have such a small foot! This baffles me because I always think, "the whole world cannot be filled with people that have small feet...can it?!" Anyways, I thought I'd give it a try and just ask the sales clerk if perhaps he had a half size smaller in the back...NO! :(
Most people are savvy internet shoppers these days (me being one of those) so I of course bought the orange pair of shoes, and then I went home to look up the white pair online. To my dismay, the shoe brand's website is up and coming so you cannot purchase them online...Poo! After some searching I looked up Payless Shoe Source website and would you believe...they had similar shoes to the ones I found at Belk!! I went to our local store with the anticipation that "they will not have these in my size, they never have the ones I like in my size because all the small footed people get them before me..". They actually had a pair in black! I still need a white pair but at least I know they have them online!! :) Needless to say, I believe the reason I am not a savvy shoe shopper is the fact the my size is never in stock...which is probably fortunate for my budget and not so fortunate for the shoe stores. :) Anyways, now that you know all about my shoe buying experiences I will show you just how cute these shoes are!!!

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