Monday, March 28, 2011

no. 1 only!!

Today has been an exhausting day and the weird thing is I haven't really "done" anything! I think it all started when I woke up this morning, I looked at my phone and saw that I had several missed calls and an email from the Human Resource lady at Regions Bank!! I immediately started to panic because I have been wanting this job for several weeks now and was declined one position the first time, only to find out later that it was for my benefit not to get that particular position. Anyway, back to my panic at the email;
you see when you are NOT hired, Regions sends you a nice little email stating that they could not hire you at this time. So imagine my panic when the second time around I am getting another email from HR!!
I opened the email and to my surprise it wasn't bad at all!! She actually needed me to update my profile. That's all? Really?! As I am trying to figure out what about my profile needs to be update; names the same, address is the same, phones the same...
I get another email from her! Now she is wanting me to call her!! I began to worry a little because at this point I didn't know what I had done to mess it up. I call her and she tells me that my resume did not attach correctly and she needed me to attach it again. Whew!! So as I am talking to her about the resume, she says "I will go ahead and let you know that we DO want to hire you." OMG! I was trying to hold my excitement in (it was hard)! We talked about what would happen in the next few days and what was needed of me next...a drug screening.
I'll be honest, I have NEVER had to do a drug screening for any of my previous jobs, even though they all say that they do it or may do it at any time. I began to think about it today, and ya know, I have worked at a different bank before and they never did a drug screening! Funny huh?! A bank that doesn't check their employees for drugs before they hire them...Insane I know!!
As soon as I got off the phone I quickly got showered and dressed, kissed my hubby bye, and was out the door. Since I have never done a drug screening I had NO clue where the place was, HA! When I pulled up it looked a little sketchy I will say...a house converted into an office with trees and bushes all around. I went in, signed the book, and she called me back. She gave me the cup and said "fill to here and DO NOT flush!" I am still not sure why she said do not flush, because she went in and flushed after I finished. I did notice on the wall that there was a sign printed that read, "No. 1 ONLY". Now, for this sign to be there it must mean that some nice person went in and did No. 2 and because you CANNOT flush, they left it!! I feel for the lady. She was working by herself and she had a super sweet chocolate lab (I assume as a guard dog) that I got to pet and love on while she was processing my papers. So all-in-all it was a very interesting first experience and hopefully if all goes according to plan I will be at orientation on Monday!! :)

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